The solution from active profilers.
SAMON (Spatial Analysis Methods of Offenders' Nodes) is an application to improve the efficiency of crime investigation using Geographic Profiling (GP) method. Predicted area of offender's home base provided from SAMON can be utilized in the field investigation by combining with the other investigation techniques to narrow down the suspect and to find a clue of finding the suspect. SAMON Project started as a collaborative work of practitioners/researchers in Japan in July 2014. We have developed the desktop application for GP and spread that through the police investigators and analysts in Japan. We are currently addressing the cloud app and will open a trial version in public for free soon. If you wish to receive a notification about this, please feel free to contact me.
Comparison between SAMON and other GP systems


Features with * mark are under development.

Commuters: Offenders who reside outside from the offending area. GP is not applicable to predict their home location.